We have packed a ton of Cool Things in our Showroom
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1- Pioneer 50" System on Wall -Media Center System
Custom cabinet Built By Keith Stanley
Microsoft Media Center with 200 Movies and 400 Music Titles
Integra DTR 4.6 with Bose Mini cube Speakers
Sonos AMP with Kef IQ3 Book Shelf Speakers
Escient Fireball is also hooked to this piece
Also Hooked to Zone 2 is a Rock and Planter Speaker
All Controlled by MX-3000 Universal Remote

2- Sharp 46" LCD with Hidden Equipment
Polk Surround Bar - and Elan In wall Sub
Showing how a Room with out right and left speakers can be done
Elan in wall sub to save room
Kef Motorized Rear speakers
All equipment is Integra in our Rack
All Controlled by a MX-900 Universal Remote

3- Sound Wall with Stealth Audio Speakers ( Completely Hidden )
Where the Speakers ?- These Speakers are hidden behind the drywall
They are installed before Drywall and are amazing they are great for
living room and dinning room where you do not want to see speakers
They also come in Surround Sound Packages
All Controlled By wireless Elan Touch Panel hooked to Elan System 6

4 - Sound Wall - Elan Home Speakers -- www.elanhomesystems.com
Good , Better and Best Speakers are shown here to give Customer a
Choice in Price on a room or Audio. This is also hooked to System 6.
A ViaDJ and 6 Inch Touch screen Run with, Showing Camera and a
Via OLE in this setup.

5 - Central Vac - We have a complete Vac in the Design room with Powered
and un powered heads to see the Vac work. A kitchen Dustpan is also installed
which is the most popular feature of a Vac system along with Garage outlets

6- Security - We have all the options of the Security System in our Design room
You can see the 4 Different Keypads , Fire , Key Fobs and many other options
of a security Systems.

7 - Shelf's - We have 4 different Elan speakers and all keypads to run systems for the customer to view. These help with whole house systems and how to wire them and show the difference in single and multi source systems.

8- Structured Wiring Panel. This is a elan system that we install in every house we wire. It has Upgraded Size and show how phone and cable jacks are terminated in a panel, The system also has the house network termination and access point in it to show how we hide your network equipment.

9- Window Candles - http://windowcandles.com/
These are very cool - See web Page for more details

10 - Theaters - The Fun Stuff - $25,000.00 Theater
Main Theater - Complete room Hidden in office - Play Dolby HD demo now
Mitsubishi 1080P HC4900 HD projector
Draper 106 HD Screen
Custom Drapery for Door
Custom Sound Acoustics By us
Integra DTR 8.8 Surround Sound AMP
Play Station 3 Blue Ray for your DVD player
Sound Elan Rear - Home theater 8" In ceiling Speakers
Kef - Di-Pole Center Speakers
Kef - Front - Reference Series ( Kef's Best ) 203 Black RIght and Left Front
These are setup to show in Stereo also - They are Great Speakers
Kef - Reference - 203 Center Channel Speaker
Velodyne Sub
Belkin Audio Surge Protection
All Powered my a MX-3000 universal remote

11- Small Theater - $7000.00 theater
Draper Motorized Screen
Infocus - 7200 Projector 720 P
Tru-Audio Surround Sound Speaker system
Elan In ceiling Rear Speakers
Sony 5.1Surround Sound and and DVD Player
Tru-Audio Sub
Controlled by MX-850 universal Remote

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