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Are you interested in a Security System?
Type of System - Below are basic descriptions:
Basic systems - 1st Floor Doors , Motion Detection, Siren - Intruder
gets in the house , then alarm goes off - Aprox $500.00
Full system - 1st Floor Doors and Windows, Glass Break Protection,
2 Keypads - Intruder is outside house when alarm goes off - Approx - $1500.00
Custom - All of the above with options - Lighting Control for Entry - Cameras - Pressure Pads - Water and Heat Senors and much more.
Are you interested in Central Vac?
( Price starts around $1500.00) - We do not do Central Vac on Existing houses
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Type of systems. Descriptions below:

Single Source System - Plays same source in multiple rooms of the house -

Multiple Source System - Keypads in each room and you can play
differnet things in each room - Approx starting cost - $4000.00

Mutiple Source with Feed back system - Touch Screens in each room where
you can see the Ipod or Source on each Keypad -

(Please let us know what rooms you think you want audio in at the meeting)
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