As a contractor, builder, designer or architect I’m sure you have run into some common problems with your current low voltage contractor. The most common and detrimental problems as a contractor are deadlines. Unfortunately, at times, those deadlines need to be rushed and other low voltage contractors will not adjust their schedule to fit your needs; we do.

Another issue you may have experienced is that most contractors have their electrician or security company do the wiring. This usually results in improper wiring, poor design and lack of communication; which ultimately causes the customer undue stress and in some cases many angry phone calls to you. These problems can be easily avoided at NCIT. Each and every job we do is predetermined by having a meeting with the customer ensuring they get exactly what they want in their new home.

Furthermore our work complies with all the latest industry standards so the customer is not left with a useless wiring infrastructure. We offer full service home automation advice and installation for the customer while also catering to your needs as well. We understand the importance of your relationship with your customer and we will work very hard to make sure it is a positive one.

We strive to provide the highest quality products, services and support. Here are some reasons why we can guarantee you will be happy you chose NCIT:

No High Pressure Sales: We design systems that follow the industry standards while also fitting your customer’s needs. NCIT offers substantial products that speak for themselves; pushing “extras” to make a buck is unnecessary. We provide your clients with options, so choosing a system that can fit into their lifestyle and budget is EASY!

Project Management: Our project manager works directly with you and your project manager. We do not deal with a “middle man” as most other companies do; therefore, we eliminate confusion and miscommunication which results in a job that exceeds expectations.

We Work Around You: We know how important it is to your business to get the job done thoroughly while sticking to a specific schedule. We perform tasks in a timely, professional manner and work around your schedule rather than you working around ours. We are here to improve your project, not slow it down.

Knowledge: Our technicians know this industry better than anyone in the area and are
constantly being educated on the up and coming services available. We are extremely confident in what we do and have our knowledge of the business to thank for that.

Technical Training: We take the time to train extensively on our systems while keeping up on what the other guys do as well. Thanks to our education and knowledge, we know how to fix mistakes they have made and we offer better services with better support, guaranteed.

System Design: We are technicians and engineers first, so our systems are designed to work; not to just sell a product. When purchasing from NCIT, you can rest assured that you are getting top of the line products with the absolute best installation around. We follow up every step of the way to make absolute sure you and your customer are satisfied.
We have a very high customer satisfaction which reflects greatly on you. We strive for excellence and perfection and it shows in our work. Builder satisfaction is just as important to us as customer satisfaction. When we finish the job, you will be thankful that you used NCIT as your low voltage contractors!

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